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Are you pursuing Financial Independence? There are two key challenges on your path to FI that we can help you solve. 

Firstly, the choice to pursue FI is pretty unconventional, and for many it becomes an isolating endeavor. Your friends and family think you’re strange, and you likely don’t have many people in your life who are itching to talk to you about money management and lifestyle design.

We believe that FI is Better with Friends! Tapping into this incredible community will add a richness to your path in ways that you can’t do on your own. There is an easy sense of camaraderie that builds between people headed towards a common goal that can make the whole journey feel so much lighter and more fun.

Do you really want to retire early with no one to hang out with? Sure, you can find online communities that discuss financial independence and early retirement, but let’s not kid ourselves by thinking this is true human connection.  In order to build deep lasting friendships, we need to gather together in person.  And we can do that at EconoMe. 

“If you look at your inner circle and you’re not inspired, you don’t have a circle.  You have a cage” – Anonymous.

Attending EconoMe is a fantastic step towards finding a new circle. 

Secondly, it’s really easy to lose motivation on your path to FI.  When many of us first start out, we’re buzzing with enthusiasm.  We reduce our expenses, we increase our income, we refine our investment strategy, and we settle into the accumulation phase of our journey.  But after you’ve optimized all the things, the majority of your time pursuing FI is a waiting game.  Halfway through accumulation, you wake up and realize that you’re bored. 

Come to EconoMe to Fuel your FIRE.  There is always more to learn about the ways we can use our resources of time, money, and energy to create a life we don’t need to retire from.  When you surround yourself with expansive-minded people and new ideas, you will undoubtedly go home with renewed awareness about your potential.  Your life is full of opportunity right now, you don’t need to wait to reach your FIRE number.  What if you didn’t need more money?  What if you just needed more imagination and creativity? 

EconoMe speakers and workshop/breakout session leaders are as entertaining as they are informative. This is not a stuffy financial conference, this is a party about money!  Whether you are already FI, knee-deep in the accumulation phase, or just getting started cleaning up your finances, we’re committed to curating amazing thought-provoking content for you.

Check out all the speeches from EconoMe on our YouTube channel!

What is an Economeist?

We believe happiness comes from freedom, creativity, and community. We subscribe to a new American Dream that doesn’t include excessive material possessions, conveniences, and money. We want more self directed time, more mental space, and more connection with the people we love.

Resourcefulness is gratifying. Effort is the spice of life. Sharing is caring. We are not consumerist suckas. We DIY, we optimize, we cook amazing food. We believe happiness is less about pleasure and much more about the expansion of possibility. We tap into the incredible abundance that surrounds us.

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